Value of an MBA Degree

A question which comes up among the UBS analyst community, and the banking and financial services community more broadly, is “Is an MBA worth it?”  This question has always been asked, but as the cost of a top program soars toward $200 thousand for two years of education, each potential applicant has to consider the question.

Fundamentally, I would come down on the side of: if you can enter a Top 10 program such as Stanford GSB, HBS, or Wharton, there is still tremendous value in the MBA programs.  The networking and recruiting opportunities will last the length of a career, and a positive monetary return is highly likely.  The question becomes more serious when considering a less recognized program, which will cost just as much but provide far less career jet fuel.


One thought on “Value of an MBA Degree

  1. This is something I am struggling with right now. I am trying to decide which MBA (probably EMBA) to go for. I figure I will apply for Booth and Kellogg, but question if I have a chance of even getting in. If I don’t and I go a more moderate route, I know its still worth something, but at that point does it matter if its high moderate or low moderate? If I don’t get into the top schools does it matter if I pay $80K vs $40K… tough things to consider!


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