The Chicago Frontrunners


Chicago Frontrunners Running Club pic
Chicago Frontrunners Running Club

As a program manager at UBS, Timothy “Tim” Shields handles complex, long-term technology projects. Outside of UBS, Tim Shields has been a runner for years, and has served as a member and former officer of the Chicago Frontrunners Running Club, which he joined in 2003.

The club is just one of dozens that are affiliated with International Front Runners (IFR), an affiliation of LGBT running/walking clubs worldwide. IFR reports some 100 Frontrunner clubs in 17 countries, including the United States.

Also known as Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Chicago, the Chicago club meets twice weekly on the city’s lakefront. Runners typically cover a three- to five-mile course, the club’s website says, while for walkers, it’s one to two miles. Runners and walkers meet after their exertions at nearby restaurants. The Frontrunners club also hosts monthly social events and keeps club members informed of upcoming events, such as the Chicago Marathon, held in the fall.


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