About Timothy Shields, Stanford

Timothy Shields manages programs and program portfolios for UBS. Holding an MBA from Stanford University, he has over 20 years of professional experience to his credit. Timothy Shields brings an invaluable perspective to his work.

Mr. Shields’ current position involves a wide range of tasks. He provides management for complicated IT projects, establishing protocols, and creating a framework for project management and financial oversight. His internationally based projects often demand that he travel and interact with many global partners. As a program manager, he determines the ways in which different projects are related, and then uses that information to maintain progress.

Prior to joining UBS, Timothy Shields worked at Deloitte Consulting. During his time there, he worked with premier clients such as Nationwide Insurance, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch. In his tenure at UBS, he has embraced many challenges, including refining and improving the company’s approach to outsourcing.

In his spare time, Tim Shields enjoys running, and is a member of the Chicago Frontrunners Club. He supports his community by volunteering for Working in the Schools (WITS) Chicago, providing assistance to students in need.


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